Run for the hills!


I love to go hiking or running with the Doods in the morning. There really is nothing better. See that structure in the background? That’s three miles in from our starting point. It’s also where there were a group of admirers… They had to pose for pictures. Again. Poor doods.

So that was three miles in, and if my math is correct, that means three miles out. Six miles-ish. This was intended to wear them out. I was pretty sure I did a good job of that.
Here’s what they decided to do after the hike (and breakfast)… image

So…maybe not so worn out?

Some Photo Fun From Today’s Hike

[singlepic id=812 w=320 h=240 float=left]It’s really, really late. I’ve been goofing around with Photoshop, watching TV, napping and generally trying to recover from today’s hike. I am going to have to work a little harder at being ready for these hikes. That translates to some targeted workouts! Whatever. In the meantime, I have a LOT of pictures to work on. Here’s the first wave. It’s just a few, but here we are.

[nggallery id=38]

A Teaser For Our Next Post

I had fun with the cameras again today. Some of it worked out and some of it didn’t…soI’m weeding through all the shots and playing in Photoshop. It’s a Puparazza’s Prerogative!

Once we got to the mountain, got parked and I got my stuff together (somewhat), here’s one of the first photos I got. I like this one. The boys were definitely ready to go…

Lots more photos to come. I have some serious work in front of me tonight!

Our Friend Dan

Dan is a good sport, and all-around fun guy. He has these two gorgeous Rottweilers, Kael (on the left) and Kona (on the right). We met him during puppy training class when Luke was a few months old. When was that Dan? I think it must have been August, or so. Maybe September. Anyway, here’s what’s weird: Kael and Luke are the same age. I don’t mean approximately. They were born on exactly the same day. Weird. So we bonded over that and then figured out we have a few friends in common. So that’s fun…and now we all get together on a semi-regular basis to socialize and hang out with our dogs.

We get to spend quality time with Kona, Kael and Dan. Dan accompanies us on fun adventures and seems to be unafraid to get right into trouble with us. He’s a good friend to have!

Thought we would put up a picture of the three of them and introduce everyone to everyone!

Have a fun day, and thanks for stopping by. We’ll be posting our next batch of pictures soon, so don’t go too far away!