Some Things Are Just Not Dignified…


The Official Dog-to-Fluff Ratio

Ever wonder how much of Sam is fluff and how much is dog? Well here it is, folks: the Dog to Fluff ratio. I’m not sure it’s so dignified, but he doesn’t look too traumatized.

Thanks again to our Sudsy Dog friends…seriously. I drop in and they give me tons of shampoo and extra towels. Cindi trims up around Luke’s eyes…they are great!

Bathtubs and Frisbees

It was Wash-a-Doodle weekend! The Doods don’t love getting a bath. Sam tolerates it better than his brother, who complains most of the way through. Luke is hilarious about the dog abuse leveled against him in the form of a bath and brushing. He moans and really voices his objections. But he makes it through and manages to get back to smiling, wagging and charming everyone around him. Continue reading