Trapped Inside

Australian Labradoodle, Black & White

It’s just too hot to do anything but get very, very flat.

Man! It’s hot outside! Even Sam doesn’t want to hang out in the backyard. Which is unusual, because he generally loves being in backyard in the evening. That’s when the breeze is blowing through, and you can find the big dog on the lawn with his nose tipped up to catch the scents going by.
But not today! Even after I watered down his favorite shady spot, came to the door and gave me the “Can I please come in?” woof.
I decided that probably deserves a measure of sympathy. In the form of a treat. Which he received and ate so quickly that I didn’t get a picture of it. That’s a good dog!


Have Doodles, Will Travel (locally for the moment)


I’m helping the husband get stuff together for the new office/studio. This requires a lot of driving to and fro. Sam and Luke are getting accustomed to running all over creation picking up this and delivering that. Plus they have become immune to the nervousness that originally accompanied big boxes and the moving of large pieces of furniture or appliances. Drama free! Here’s a picture of the Doods just cruising along for the ride. Oh, and it’s a bonus that they charm everyone they meet. That makes the drudgery of errand running a LOT more tolerable!