Have Doodles, Will Travel (locally for the moment)


I’m helping the husband get stuff together for the new office/studio. This requires a lot of driving to and fro. Sam and Luke are getting accustomed to running all over creation picking up this and delivering that. Plus they have become immune to the nervousness that originally accompanied big boxes and the moving of large pieces of furniture or appliances. Drama free! Here’s a picture of the Doods just cruising along for the ride. Oh, and it’s a bonus that they charm everyone they meet. That makes the drudgery of errand running a LOT more tolerable!

More Wiggling and Waggling…OR…Don’t Dress Your Dog Like This.

I finally got to these pictures…

It was great to have a wingman and to have friends taking pictures at the Wiggle Waggle Walk. That was a treat! As a result of the additional hand and eyes, we have more pictures to share. Nice!

To start off this gallery we have some photos from the “Don’t Do This” file. You’ll like these. Enjoy…!

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Team Sam and Luke Wiggle and Waggle in Pasadena

Wiggle Waggle Walk’s Team Sam & Luke rocked it. They charmed the socks off of everyone and participated in a good cause—a fundraiser to benefit the Humane Society. Sam and Luke don’t know it, but they were just about guaranteed a great home when they arrived on the planet. Not so true for many pets out there. That’s why we’re supporting the care and adoption of the many animals the Humane Society helps. This year, with the help of our really generous friends, we were able to raise over $400!

We are all so tired tonight…we had a great time and wore ourselves out. However, we don’t want to leave you pictureless. There are more to come from our friends who also had cameras. (Puparraza was challenged to both participate and photograph). A few to get us started.

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The Sudsy Dog Antidote To The Mean Groomer Problem…

So Luke’s grooming got interrupted and he ended up with a crazy-big head on a skinny little body. He looked silly. We needed to undo the silly look and we needed to have him experience getting groomed by someone who is NICE to the dogs that come in for their salon time!

Enter our friend Cindi. I have known Cindi for a million years and from several lifetimes ago…in her current life, she’s a fabulous groomer and a co-owner of Sudsy Dog in Lakewood, CA. (Highly Recommend!!)

Cindi, who was nice to Luke the whole time (even though he was completely oppositional to the entire process), was able to undo a lot of the mean-groomer-damage and get rid of that ridiculous pom-pom of a head he had going. Pictures below.

As I’ve said before, if you live in or near Lakewood, you should go to Sudsy Dog. If you don’t, it’s worth the drive. These are nice people who are nice to you and to your dogs. A cool small business providing a good service to their community and the dogs who live in it!

Oh, and PS….Luke’s doing much better. We continue to desensitize him to getting grabbed and jostled. But no dog should be handled by someone who is putting their hands on them in anger. There’s no “desensitizing” for that!


Dos Doodles, dosdoodles, australian labradoodles, sam, luke, sam and luke, puparazza

Watch Out for This Local Groomer…

I’ve been stewing about this for about 10 days now…I’m just not sure how I’m going to handle the mistreatment of my little pupster.

Here’s the story. And let’s keep in mind that Australian Labradoodles are known for their sweet temperaments.

Last week I was planning to take Luke and Sam to the Southern California Doodle Romp. Before we went, I’d wanted to cut back Luke’s coat because he’s about half & half straight puppy coat and curly new doodle coat. He was starting to look a little weird. So I made an appointment with **** Grooming for the day before the Doodle Romp. I was going to be busy in the afternoon when he’d be finished, so I scheduled my fabulous errand-running, problem-solving-genius assistant Jenny go pick him up.

I got a freaked out phone call from Jenny—and folks, this is a woman who never EVER freaks out—telling me she’d just seen the groomer grab Luke’s face in anger and shake him and hiss angrily in his face to hold still, stop it, etc. Jenny was absolutely beside herself at the mistreatment of this very sweet (if completely uncooperative) puppy who was only four and a half months old! Clearly they were not done with him, but I told her to get him out of there and away from those people immediately. According to Jenny, a rather tense scene ensued where Jenny was quite verbal with them about her opinion of their treatment of Luke, pointedly removed him from the groomer and neither paid nor tipped them.

The next part is sort of so weird that’s almost worse than the mistreatment of Luke (I said almost). Since I dropped Luke off with them early in the morning, I’d set up with the manager (or owner?) that I would call in later in the day with my credit card number when they could give me a total for the cost for his grooming. I hadn’t completed this part of the transaction with them before Jenny called me and we got Luke out of there. When I called them, they didn’t admit to or apologize for anything, even though it was clear that I knew what had happened and it was clear that they knew that I knew what had happened. That’s absolutely not ok. They took my money, knowing that I knew they’d been hurtful toward my dog in my absence. And they knew that I knew they had done it. I just can’t get over that. What kind of people are these?

Their actions also mean to me that they fully intend to keep an abusive groomer in their employ and that, as a matter of course, they do not treat the animals well in the owners’ absence. Very scary for those of us who don’t believe in physical punishments or abuse of any kind for our animals.

Later that night when I was telling my husband about this he knelt down and was playing with Luke, who for the first time ever displayed symptoms of being head shy. He’d never been like that before with us…that broke my heart. And now we are working with Luke to help him become desensitized to having his face touched, nose playfully grabbed and jiggled (as opposed to grabbed and shaken in anger), and generally playing around with his head. I’m so mad at these people for hurting my sweet little guy.

Here’s what I’m not sure about: I know I’m going to do something, but I’m not exactly sure what. I didn’t witness the abuse in person, but I trust my very upset assistant. I also know what I’ve seen subsequent to the grooming, where my pup displays flinching behaviors that he never did before. Do I name names here? (I’ve enjoyed this blog being all about the positive fun stuff.) Or do I give bad reviews online via Yelp? Both? Do I also demand that they refund the amount charged to my card? I don’t know….

I’m still working on this. I’m going to do something by the end of this week. Update to follow soon. But DosDoodles does not stand back and tolerate the abuse of the doodles or any other animal.

For now, however, we move back toward the positive. See the next post for the Sudsy Dog Antidote to the Mean Groomer Problem…