Leaving Before the Sun is Up Has Its Advantages

[singlepic id=366 w=320 h=240 float=left]I love going to Huntington Beach with the dogs. Australian Labradoodles do love the beach! I like to leave really early in the morning so there’s no traffic and a guaranteed good parking spot! Leaving while it’s still dark makes the outing feel like an adventure. Until about 2 pm. At which point I run out of steam, and then I have to take a nap. But whatever! I had a good time with everyone! And we wiped the dogs out. That’s always a good thing! You know my saying: a tired dog is a good dog! Continue reading

Doodle Art

Sam’s fame is growing! He’s part of a new mural at Sudsy Dog. This is really cool and we are pretty excited here at Dos Doodles headquarters! Tomorrow we head to the Huntington Dog Beach for a big dog play morning. Afterwards, the Doodles will get their post-beach bath. Some of our doggie friends may join us there, as well. More pictures of all of that stuff then. As the official Puparazza of the Dos Doodles site, I’m super excited to see this in person. The mural looks amazing and it’s really fun to have one of the Doods included in it! Thanks again to Sudsy Dog for their support of the Doods!

Check in for tomorrow’s picture bonanza…