Daily Dog: Sam with Ball


That’s my boy! He loves this ball we found at the beach. We find so many random toys there…honest, we try to find the rightful owners. Sometimes they are just nowhere to be found. This ball was a great find. Congrats, Doodle!

Stay tuned. There will soon be a deluge of posts…new pictures and new thoughts and general blather from yours truly, The Paparazza!

Daily Dog: Going Cross-Eyed

The Puparazza (also known as the Doodle Mom) has been working herself into an early grave, and the poor Doodles haven’t been getting the outings they so richly deserve. Which is to say, I’m pooped and so we are not going on the adventures we’d like to be taking. But be patient, folks…they are coming, I assure you! Continue reading

The Sunday Outing

[singlepic id=902 w=320 h=240 float=left]We took Sam and Luke out for a walk/run/fetch excursion. It rained Saturday and was threatening rain early on Sunday. Good thing we took them when we did. About 15 minutes after arriving home, the rain started. Didn’t stop all day after that. They would have been so depressed.

Not depressed, however. These Doodles got the full outing-treatment. We walked, played, met new folks and generally had a nice time together. They were flattened out the whole day after we got home. I do believe we did them in. You know what I always say: A tired dog is a good dog.

A tired dog is also a happy dog.

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Daily Dog: Happy Birthday Sam

Sam is 2 years old.Well, hello everyone. Time certainly does fly on by. Today is Sam’s second birthday. In some ways it’s been so fast. In other ways, I can’t remember what it was like not to have him in my life.

I feel so lucky to have such a great dog. It probably sounds crazy, but referring to him as “a great dog” feels like I’m giving him short shrift…he seems much more like a person in our family than a dog.

We always call him “a man in a dog suit”. That’s more like it!

Happy Birthday, Sam. Here’s to another great year together…!


Daily Dog: A Flying Leap

All in.


If you didn’t believe it before, this ought to convince you. Sam L.O.V.E.S. frisbee. He loves it. Crazy for it. We can’t say the word unless we are serious. Code is F-bee. Otherwise, he just gets his hopes up. I don’t like to hurt his feelings.

This is an example of the full-body commitment to his sport of choice. Except squirrel chasing, which still reigns supreme. That’s a shoulder-dislocating experience, I can assure you.

Here it is: A True Flying Leap.