Doodles Love the Mountains

Sam in Scenery

I took Sam and Luke to the mountains near home today. I let them off-leash and we had a ball! I’m going to go again soon so we can get enough elevation to see snow. But for today, I’ll just have to settle for getting both–yes, both!–doodles to cross the creek, in the water!

I loved scrambling over the rocks and across the creek, back and forth a few times. We made our way up the hill for a while, until the clouds looked like they might cause us some problems. So we headed back and had just a great time the whole way… Continue reading

Kong Rescue

Doodles in Kong Heaven

Sam and Luke in Kong Heaven

The person who invented the Kong was genius in their inspiration. Almost as good as the bully stick in it’s power to tame my wild dervishes on a rainy day with no walk is the overstuffed Kong. We’re talking treats, biscuits, jerky, peanut butter–the works–stuffed and packed and jammed in there. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Continue reading

Stinky Pup No More

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[singlepic id=224 w=320 h=240 float=left] Today was bath day. Pupster was getting a little stinky and matted up. Although he doesn’t like getting a bath, he loves all the play time after. And now he’s all soft and fluffy! A soft and fluffy clown, that is. At 15 weeks, he’s a pretty constant source of amusement for us. A few pictures below—I’m enjoying keeping track of the changes each week.
After Luke gets his last set of shots next week, I hope we’ll have some different adventures (or any adventures, we’ve been a bit housebound with pup-pup). I’m finding that trying to wrangle the two dogs and a camera is a challenge, so I’m not sure how that’s going to go. I need a wing man. Or an extra arm.

[nggallery id=4]

So much changes in a week.

Luke got his second set of shots on Friday, so this means he’s now able to be out and about. I am taking full advantage of this new development. I’ve had him with me anytime I take Sam somewhere, and I don’t have to carry him now, which is a big bonus!

So far, Luke is great on his leash and so fun because people go crazy for him. No photos of this because I’ve got two pups on leash (each kind of doing his own thing…) and I can’t get the spousal unit to go for walks. That’s a separate issue. Basically, I don’t have enough hands. It’s hard enough to get pictures of a puppy, much less a puppy on a leash in full engagement with his older brother—usually tangled and wrestling, each with the other.

So much changes in a week: This week, Luke can climb into the car all by himself, which he does with gusto. Such a confident little guy! He’s also decided that he doesn’t need to ride up front with Mom anymore. Now he rides in the back with his big brother. Like a big dog.

Since it’s taken me a while to get my act together on posting pictures, I have several themes to post. Tonight’s post is Theme #1: Luke at 12 weeks

Continue reading