Daily Dog: Frisbee Madness

I wonder what he wants.

I walk out of the house and see this. Sam is sitting there all alert and hopeful. Now what in the world could this dog, this sweet, gentle and lovely dog want? It seems as though he perhaps has something on his mind. Doesn’t it?

I wonder what it could be? Would you perhaps like to play F-bee, Sam?

Daddy grabbed the frisbees and I grabbed the camera. And Sam started doing the happy frisbee dance.

I took another crack at getting the perfect frisbee photo. I know it’s not likely that we are going to get it in the back yard. I’m pretty sure, unless we get extra lucky, we are going to need a serious expanse of lawn or beach to accomplish this particular goal. Today is a good day to practice, though.

Sam will take any excuse to chase the frisbees. Practice photographing it, whatever…! Just throw it, throw it, throw it! Come on! Throw! IT! Continue reading

Daily Dog: A Flying Leap

All in.


If you didn’t believe it before, this ought to convince you. Sam L.O.V.E.S. frisbee. He loves it. Crazy for it. We can’t say the word unless we are serious. Code is F-bee. Otherwise, he just gets his hopes up. I don’t like to hurt his feelings.

This is an example of the full-body commitment to his sport of choice. Except squirrel chasing, which still reigns supreme. That’s a shoulder-dislocating experience, I can assure you.

Here it is: A True Flying Leap.