More Wiggling and Waggling…OR…Don’t Dress Your Dog Like This.

I finally got to these pictures…

It was great to have a wingman and to have friends taking pictures at the Wiggle Waggle Walk. That was a treat! As a result of the additional hand and eyes, we have more pictures to share. Nice!

To start off this gallery we have some photos from the “Don’t Do This” file. You’ll like these. Enjoy…!

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Team Sam and Luke Wiggle and Waggle in Pasadena

Wiggle Waggle Walk’s Team Sam & Luke rocked it. They charmed the socks off of everyone and participated in a good cause—a fundraiser to benefit the Humane Society. Sam and Luke don’t know it, but they were just about guaranteed a great home when they arrived on the planet. Not so true for many pets out there. That’s why we’re supporting the care and adoption of the many animals the Humane Society helps. This year, with the help of our really generous friends, we were able to raise over $400!

We are all so tired tonight…we had a great time and wore ourselves out. However, we don’t want to leave you pictureless. There are more to come from our friends who also had cameras. (Puparraza was challenged to both participate and photograph). A few to get us started.

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